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Located in the heart of Mountain View, Bay Area Solistry is like no other palmistry or tarot office. The environment at Bay Area Solistry is one of tranquility and comfort. Decorated in calming pastels, we do not have bright lights, loud music, or stressed staff members. As soon as you enter our office, you will notice a peaceful and easy feeling in the air.

Question: What is the difference between reading the lines on the palms of the hands (palmistry) and those on the soles of the feet (solistry)?

Answer: Lines on the palm of our hands show things related to the mind and heart. Whereas, lines on the soles of the feet foretell things more related to the actual qualities or what is contained in the soul.

No two people - or their palms or soles - are alike. You are unique, and your hands and soles express this individuality.

Solistry (also known as podomancy) is a divination by examining the lines of soles of the feet. Similar to palmistry, where the divination is based on the person's palm shape and lines, podomancy is based on the belief that person's feet represent the symbol of that person's soul. Skilled diviners interprete sizes, shapes and lines of the feet to reveal the personality and the future of the person to be divined upon. Podomancy used to be a popular form of divination in India and China.


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